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I mean it’s Shark Week, so you know I had to do the damn thing on the blog. We’ve got human aliens on the Discovery Channel.  We’re getting down with the Great Whites. Get wild, eat plankton. Kiss other sharks in the dark and pop a bottle to the week long broadcast of feature shark dedicated television. I’m out.


black top by Nastygal 

knife shorts by Love Sally 

human alien shoes by Jeffrey Campbell 

Chanel half shades by zeroUV

photos by The Worn Out 



  1. KateLynn

    Hi Rachel!
    Love love love your blog! It gets better like, erryday!

    I have a request though! Was wondering if you might like to try something different, and halt the back bones and thigh gap and 100-calorie dinner posts, and complaints about gaining weight or “feeling like a whale” as well on your twitter. It’s been years now, long enough that most think you are naturally as tiny as you are, it’s getting a bit old. But love your poetry and prose, and you look beautiful – as always!
    “Get wild, eat plankton.” – I just love how I feel so inspired after leaving your site! You are just too cute! And I just love perusing your store even more! Don’t listen to the bitchez who try to take you down – after all, hata’s gon’ hate!
    Been following this blog since October 2010 or so, I can’t believe I have been a fan for nearly three years. Cheers to the future babe!

    Love, KateLynn

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