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Feeling like a creature lately? Me too. Here’s a simple way to look like you need to phone home: Throw an alien tee on with some retro-printed leggings and huge sunglasses, the more of your face they cover, the better.

And speaking of sunglasses, my face and this pair probably need a little time apart.. but I can’t stop.. I’m obsessed. They’re from Wildfox and they also come in blue, red, mint green and purple. I probably need every color.. but I think I’m gonna save and put my money towards the new Jeremy Scott sunnies or some Karen Walkers to cover even more of my face.

Happy monday space cadets.


pink kitten frames by Wildfox 

alien space tee by Our Prince of Peace

rainbow shorts by Our Prince of Peace

Andy Warhol gun print leggings by Poprageous

photos by Ashley Osborn  



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Yesterday, I stopped by the H&M showroom in Soho. I was able to try on and play around in some of their new pieces from the Paris Collection. It’s absolutely divine, featuring furs, metals, metallics and leather.  You could probably guess that my favorite piece was the studded brown leather shorts. How golden are they? I’m so excited to wear them with the fur jackets I pulled from the collection, metallics and fur seem to be good together for this fall.

Anyways, make sure to check out H&M’s new Paris collection, there’s probably one or two pieces you could need to pull looks together for Fall. I can’t wait for it to start getting a little colder.


stud brown leather shorts by H&M 

Paris button up top by H&M

white shag crop jacket by H&M

metallic platforms by Giuseppe 

photography by Jag Lever


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I could do it all the time. Show you what I’m about all of the time. But I never will. “You see, it’s the one thing they can’t do,” he said, as I attempted to squeeze shoe after shoe into my bag for fashion week. “They can make you say anything — anything, but they can’t get inside you. They can’t make you believe it.”

You are the things you believe in. If you remain faithful, you will see that faithfulness revealed in your life. The ticking clock may tell you to act impulisvely, but it can’t make you. Willpower and magic are the same thing to me. It is so simple, but it is so true: “That which we manifest is before us; we are the creators of our own destiny. Be it through intention or ignorance, our success and our failures have been brought on by none other than ourselves.” Shapes float and anything is possible. I chose to be aware of everything that is before me these next few “fashion weeks” and I chose to make magic out of them.

much love & light, stay awake


wolf tee by Eleven Paris

roll a joint leggings by Poprageous

terry richardson sunglasses by Zero UV

photos by Alina Tsvor

the spiteful eye


The spiteful eye. Late night wanders, redeye flights. Blonde passports. Illuminati boys and girls. One gold tooth and eight gold rings like I’m shababa. Tiny girl but my legs long. Me and my crew just actin bad, hop out and swarm on em. We going in, so you know the world pissed off.

eye sweatshirt by LONG Clothing

eye beanie by LONG Clothing

photos by The Worn Out 

jawbreaking down at the high school

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Jawbreaking at the High School. High stockings and even higher heels. Short shorts, fuck the rules it’s still summer. Crop tops and varsity vibes. Team jawbreaking, check a bitch. Ball hard with your team. Look fly, feel frosty. Middle finger to the haters, now and laters. I’m back, I know you see me hoe.

I hope all my little ihateblondes are stomping their halls this week going back to school. Remember, Fuck the rules, if you like it, wear it.


crop varsity tee by jawbreaking

red leather shorts by UNIF

human alien shoes by Jeffrey Campbell 

photos by  Ashley Osborn 


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Sometimes you don’t realize all the things that make you, you. I remember my Daddy picking me up from middle school in the black escalade with 50 Cent’s Get Rich or Die Tryin’ album on blast. I remember memorizing the Ying Yang Twins album and getting in trouble for blasting it from my bedroom after 8pm.  I remember hanging out in my best friend Jordan’s big green truck after 7th period listening to Lil Wayne, getting high above the law. I remember my Mom taking me to Target the same DAY Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” single came out on CD. I remember listening to it on repeat in my room, warming up in my pink leotard before ballet class. I remember my freshman year of art school when I bought my first skateboard. I’d blast Mac Miller on my little white ipod as I skated to my classes. I remember junior year when I moved to Midtown and joined a boxing gym. J Cole’s “The Sideline Story” had just come out and we’d get down to “Work Out” all morning long. I remember sitting alone in my apartment crying to Atmosphere and sitting on my fire escape listening to Brother Ali. I remember flying home for holidays and getting picked up at the Detroit airport with my brother and dad singing along to Rick Ross. I also remember us driving Sunday mornings to church bumping Lecrae, and my dad opening the sun roof and putting all the windows down.

You see, some of the best memories in my life have been directly linked to rap music. And I wouldn’t say it’s influenced me to do bad things, but it has been more significant in my life than I can ever explain.

sweatshirt by Danielle Guizio

goner platforms by UNIF

sunglasses by Zero UV 

photos by Alina Tsvor 


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I mean it’s Shark Week, so you know I had to do the damn thing on the blog. We’ve got human aliens on the Discovery Channel.  We’re getting down with the Great Whites. Get wild, eat plankton. Kiss other sharks in the dark and pop a bottle to the week long broadcast of feature shark dedicated television. I’m out.


black top by Nastygal 

knife shorts by Love Sally 

human alien shoes by Jeffrey Campbell 

Chanel half shades by zeroUV

photos by The Worn Out