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sugar high from hell

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Catch me getting into trouble like it’s my job. I drop bombs, I spit on cop cars and bump Atmosphere. Bring em’ in, kick em’ out. We ain’t speaking bitch. I don’t know em’, I don’t need ’em. Bassnectar’s making the sounds of the rainforest as I run around. She’s such a little DJ. Sugar high from hell. Just quit fucking with me and I’ll gladly quit fucking with you.

vapor hat by UNIF 

black kitten frames by Wildfox

goner platform by UNIF 

bundy jumper by UNIF 

photos by Worn Out 




Don’t skate. Don’t care. Ride off into sunset with your fist raised. This is summer skate. Allow yourself the freedom to be strange. Keep the ability to see the wild in life. You’re young, so act your age.

vapor hat by UNIF

bundy jumper by UNIF 

vapor moto jacket by UNIF 

crystal clear frames by celeb shades

the siren shoe in silver metallic by Jeffrey Campbell exclusively for Miss KL 

photos by Y.O! Photo

paradise circus

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Paradise circus. Look at the girl with flames for eyes. The uneventful evening turned adventurous when we happened up the dark carnival. Riding on the possessed horses and trespassing into the fun house. Brooklyn may be sleeping but the carnival is alive in the hearts of the freaks. It walks wildly in the night, you can hear the water moving in the dunk tank. The clowns are fixing themselves for the next day. We run through the streets of the circus like we own it, like we’re the main event. Our eyes are on fire with the spooky summer sundown.

white crop top by nastygal

leather shorts by UNIF

the chi boot in black punched leather and smoke by Jeffrey Campbell

the 6 eyes backpack by UNIF

granny sunglasses by Wildfox

photos by Tessa Swag

fuck with aliens, you know we got it

smile1 smile2 smile3smile4 smile5 smile6smile7 smile8smile9 smile10smile12 smile14 smile15 smile17smile18 smile20

Landing on planet Brooklyn, there’s new rules in effect. If Barbie was an alien, she’d be yours truly, tucked away in her castle watching horror movies. I’m on top of a roof in Williamsburg, screaming, “get the fuck up out my way bitch.” Hip-hop is my home, I have my shoes off. And if the Moon is the farthest that man’s willing to go, then i’m gonna one up him. Hello Mars. And I don’t know what I’m running from, but I’m running still. I tell them all what they’re missing as I watch it unfold. Dancing up in the clouds, then landing back in my bedroom looking in the mirror like, “How’d I get this red dot on my head?”

the vegan leather bustier dress by Miss KL

the 6 eyes backpack by UNIF  

the halfmoon magic sunglasses in black by Le Specs

the eyesee choker by UNIF

the goner shoe in black by UNIF

photos by Tessa Swag

wow, aliens can get sexual too

alien2 alien3 alien4 alien5 alien6 alien7alien1blackballon2 IMG_6196 IMG_6356 tomford1 moto1 tomford2tomford333

Wow, aliens can get sexual too. And you can call your momma right now and tell her you met an alien. The lower east side bungalow. Girls call your crib, I’m answering the phone. I am the baddest chic. This is the jump off. I run down your street blaring my music in a crop top, drinking sprite in neon platforms. Brunette barbie dressed like extraterrestrial-being leading the mob. Our presence is felt, believe me sweetie. All different flavors. Ain’t born typical. Who says aliens can’t survive on ice cream?

Santa Barbra Lenon Sweater by Wildfox Couture

pink neon alien shoes by Human Aliens for Jeffrey Campbell

kitti sunglasses by Quay Eyeware Australia 

pink crystal ball ring by Prophecy Rings

photos by Tessa Swag


alien2alien3alien6alien1alien7 alien9alien4alien10alien11 IMG_6329 copyalien13 aliens8 aliens14

We can make the world stop. We run around wild, but find rest to the sound of emancipator in your bed. You wish you were the girl. Cold shoulders, hearts on fire. Once upon a time there was a girl, who lived on a planet that no longer exists. On this planet, everything was discovered and everything was possible. She had a castle in a tree. She made diamonds from stones and gave them to her friends. She didn’t want anything. She was happy being wild and throwing her bed on the floor to the sounds of violins in the sky. At the end of the day, she’d collapse into it like a wave that reaches the shore. She had fulfilled her mission, she had completed her purpose. She found rest in knowing that she had done enough. In fact, she herself, was enough.

stay weird 


beam me up beach cover up by wear declared

cheap date crop top by wear declared

logo beanie by wear declared

hologram sunnies by wear declared

photos by Worn Out

cruel summer

cruelsummer1 cruelsummer2 cruelsummer4 cruelsummer404 cruelsummer66

It’s a cruel, cruel summer. I pull my sunglasses down and feel the light swim into my vision. Surfer girls who blog. Mornings we drink coffee, afternoons we go to the office of the beach and stay there till sundown. Crop tops and neon legs. Do what summer does and shine, bright like the view of the sky inside the pipeline.

pink surf crop top by AGAIN

smile leggings by Love Sally 

mirror sunglasses frames by Nastygal