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Feeling like a creature lately? Me too. Here’s a simple way to look like you need to phone home: Throw an alien tee on with some retro-printed leggings and huge sunglasses, the more of your face they cover, the better.

And speaking of sunglasses, my face and this pair probably need a little time apart.. but I can’t stop.. I’m obsessed. They’re from Wildfox and they also come in blue, red, mint green and purple. I probably need every color.. but I think I’m gonna save and put my money towards the new Jeremy Scott sunnies or some Karen Walkers to cover even more of my face.

Happy monday space cadets.


pink kitten frames by Wildfox 

alien space tee by Our Prince of Peace

rainbow shorts by Our Prince of Peace

Andy Warhol gun print leggings by Poprageous

photos by Ashley Osborn  


picasso baby

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Leo moon. Crafting spells in my castle. We’re all just entertainers. Champagne on my breath. Frank Sinatra out my speakers. Turn my crib into the Louvre.  I’m in my apartment being a ghost. I fell in love with the bad guy. I’ve never switched teams, been real from the go. I’m still the girl to watch.


hipster circa 08′ sunglasses by Zero UV

black panther leotard by Closet Whore 

black faux fur coat by Closet Whore

white dove swimsuit by Closet Whore 

vintage Moschino motorcycle jacket by Closet Whore

photos by Worn Out 


smileface1IMG_8062 copy copysdohIMG_8056 copy copy

You know you like it, but it drives you insane. Some people want me to be heads or tails. I should be happy, not tipping the scales. I’m no fool. I don’t take things as they come, if they bring me down. I’m a dreamer and I just want to have so fun. Don’t tell me what to wear, don’t tell me how things should be done. You know you like it, but you’re scared of the shame.

I want you to be yourself. I love it when I see you having fun. And you can call me your fool, but I just wanna see my baby smile.

I love Fashion Week, but some people take it so seriously… it’s almost hysterical. I know, I know.. collections and business and everything is very serious! But street style? Come on, that’s personal art. That’s someone’s prerogative and soul. Does it really matter what you think of them? Your negative opinions only affect you, not the person you’re attempting to project at. People should be enjoying themselves, not bashing others. What a waste of energy.

I must say, I haven’t wasted a second. I’ve been having such a good times this week. And no, not because of the free clothes, food, drinks and everything. I’ve been having a good time because I’ve spent it with my best friend and fellow fashion blogger, Jag Lever. And our good friend, Brandon! Friends are everything. People over dumb clothes, anyday.

x x

red fur jacket by UNIF

spike crop top by UNIF

spike collar by Nastygal

smile shades by Jeremy Scott

photos by fashionfoc.us 

skeleton charm

556578_10151348215631597_273659131_nThis is one of the final three looks I styled for She Inside.  Their sweaters are pretty cozy for this cold we’ve been having lately, and I was lucky enough that they send me a whole box full! I hope you all are staying warm, I’m off to get my hair done before fashion week.. if any of you bleach your hair, you know it’s such a process. (literally) But I’m stoked about bombing you all with a bunch of look posts that I have from the past couple weeks so I can get all caught up before Fashion Week.

x x

skeleton sweater by she inside

red zip pants by she inside

human aliens by jeffery campbell 

sweetness, the blonde vacation

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The sweetness will not be concerned with me. That’s a pretty nice top your cadillac. Fly enough to take me and my little pink sunglasses anywhere. Ghost blonde swag. She’s a daybreaker with the tide. I hear you’re moving real fine tonight. Come roaming on the freeway. Take my heart, wear my sunglasses, kiss my cheek, I wish you would.

skeleton swimsuit by wildfox

black fur coat by BCBG

pink Juliet sunglasses by wild fox

photos by Bliss Katherine