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Fashion Week Rooftop Brunching

pavan1 pavan2pavan3 pavan5 pavan6pavan7pavan8pavan9pavan10 pavan11pavan12 pavan13 pavan15 copy pavan16 pavan18

I took a time out from all the shows and high-heel walking of Fashion Week to have a rooftop brunch with Pavan Liqueur. I was delighted to be one of the few bloggers + celebrities who were invited to a three course meal accompanied by a variety of different cocktails made with Pavan.

I have to say the creative director of Pavan is just a gem, so petite and fashionable! She started the brunch with a toast and a little history of her liqueur. She had spent a lot of time in the south of France (like myself) and came up with the idea and name while staying there. Bridget Bardot was one of the main inspirations for the liqueur, so you know I was immediately sold. Maybe it’s just because it’s inspired by France and fashion babes, but I really enjoyed the drinks.

I also had the pleasure of sitting next to the wonderful, Kate Nash. She is such a honest soul and beautiful spirit. We talked about fans, young girls, high school, boys, salt, chips, etc.  I’m so excited for her to come back to Brooklyn in November.

At the end we were all send home with a goodie bag full of new bottles of this deliciously chic liqueur, so you know I’m about to have to have 37 cocktail parties in my backyard before it gets too cold. Oh and if you’re dreaming of the south of France now like I am, you can enter their contest to win a trip here.



NYFW DAY TWO: Rainbow Space Alien

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Today I was feeling like a rainbow space alien, obviously. Hehe, but really, getting a little extra sleep this morning before another big day of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week never felt so good! I think I actually felt like wearing color because I woke up without an alarm, prayed and was able to grab a big peanut butter latte from the shop across the street before even thinking about fashion. Nothing like a peaceful morning to get you mentally prepared for the day.

While getting ready, I switched between Bassnectar and Emanicpator which got me in the mood to put on this Over the Rainbow Lakehouse tee by Wildfox  from their new Daisy’s Girls collection. It matches perfectly with the kitten pink shades by them, but I like to call them my alien shades. Finally, I knew it was time to pull out the glitter platforms. I’ve been waiting to wear these babies for a while now and today finally felt like the day!  My dad calls me Jean Simmons when I wear them and I when I texted him a picture of my outfit today, he said I looked like Jean Simmons X Marlo Thomas. We used to love watching the show “That Girl” together, mostly because my dad says I remind him of her.

But voila, you have the tips to get your rainbow space alien look! Now it’s time to get ready for the Nastygal party in Williamsburg tonight, can’t wait!!


Over the Rainbow Lakehouse tee by Wildfox 

kitten pink shades by Wildfox

glitter platforms by Demoina

photos by JagLever 

the spiteful eye


The spiteful eye. Late night wanders, redeye flights. Blonde passports. Illuminati boys and girls. One gold tooth and eight gold rings like I’m shababa. Tiny girl but my legs long. Me and my crew just actin bad, hop out and swarm on em. We going in, so you know the world pissed off.

eye sweatshirt by LONG Clothing

eye beanie by LONG Clothing

photos by The Worn Out 

jawbreaking down at the high school

IMG_4443 IMG_4454 IMG_4457 IMG_4462 IMG_4463IMG_4487 IMG_4489 IMG_4490 IMG_4491 IMG_4493IMG_4494 IMG_4497 IMG_4503 IMG_4506 IMG_4518IMG_4519 IMG_4523 IMG_4553-2 IMG_4565 IMG_4572IMG_4573 IMG_4578

Jawbreaking at the High School. High stockings and even higher heels. Short shorts, fuck the rules it’s still summer. Crop tops and varsity vibes. Team jawbreaking, check a bitch. Ball hard with your team. Look fly, feel frosty. Middle finger to the haters, now and laters. I’m back, I know you see me hoe.

I hope all my little ihateblondes are stomping their halls this week going back to school. Remember, Fuck the rules, if you like it, wear it.


crop varsity tee by jawbreaking

red leather shorts by UNIF

human alien shoes by Jeffrey Campbell 

photos by  Ashley Osborn 

that brooklyn bullish*t, we on it

brooklyn1brooklyn2 brooklyn3brooklyn4 brooklyn5brooklyn7

That Brooklyn bullish*t, we on it. Flashy ways. The planet known as Brooklyn. Alien girls in machine boots wildin’ out on the sidewalk. Come through. It’s real love here, felt by anyone who really comes here. Bushwick summer, williamsburg field trips. Stomping grounds.  No place makes me hustle harder. 9 to 5, for as long as I’m alive, I’ve got to strive. Flossy cats.

smile backpack by UNIF 

dress from velvet fawn  

boots by Demoina

ELECTRIC RASPBERRY X I HATE BLONDE : the last sleepover of summer


Summer is drawing to a close. Endless afternoons sneaking onto rooftop pools, sipping watermelon juice, and kissing the mirrors of country club powder rooms.
Hopping on their skateboards, collecting sunflowers, chewing Bubble Tape.
Holding hands and laughing ‘til tiny tears trickle down past their sun-kissed cheeks.
It’s been perfect.
But they’re all too aware that soon the autumn clouds will loom overhead.
They’ll bundle up beneath thick turtlenecks and sip hot chocolate at the corner bookstore. They’ll carve pumpkins and dip caramel apples. They’re excited for Fall, but for now, they relish in the last stretch of their coveted heat wave.
One last sleepover to ice their summer cake.
In their apartment, playing dress-up. Never too old to play pretend.
Pink platforms, strawberry Pocky. Champagne and martinis, Clueless on repeat.
Dreaming big. They’ve spent the last of their savings. They don’t know what they’re doing, where they’re going. But, they know for sure that they’ll be there together, wherever “there” is.
Out on the streets of New York, well past 3 a.m.- hunting for pizza, of course.
They grab two slices and lay out under the stars.
Finding constellations and mapping out their plans.
Plans for a forever friendship, for endless love, and for unforgettable memories.
Living life the way they’d always hoped they would. Fun and free.
summer daisy crop top by Kiley Kouture 
electric metallic leggings by Kiley Kouture 
bitch pink wildfox tee from Kiley Kouture 
shopping is my cardio sleepy tee by Wildfox Couture
say yes tee by Wildfox Couture  
alien blue space shoes by Jeffrey Campbell
words and collaboration with Electric Raspberry
photos by The Worn Out