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New York Fashion Week day 3 and we’re still alive and running. First show of the day was Herve Leger, which was chic as hell. Black and white, especially white, is everything right now. Cut outs so fly, Herve was on his A game this season. I was feeling over it, so I threw on the new UNIF yokel shortalls and metal bustier. I hid my big sleepy eyes behind some alien wildfox shades and was feeling as dark as I was looking.

Despite my tired state, I headed to the Lookbook Refresh party after leaving the Lincoln Center. I decided it was time for my first drink of fashion week. Of course, like all good evenings that start with free champagne and manicures, it ends up back in Brooklyn on the floor with a cigarette, playing around on the streets. My home girls Shooka and Eugenie were in town so you know we had to turn up.

I’ll try to keep you guys as updated as possible, but it’s hard to post and make it to every event as well. I just got back from the H&M showroom and about to shoot a little campaign for their new Paris Fall Collection, then it’s off to the Style.com party! Fashion week doesn’t stop, and neither do I (apparently..)


yokel shortalls by UNIF

metal busiter by UNIF

black kitten frames by Wildfox


gone in the flowers


Take me away into the night. Out of the streets and into the flowers. Two hands longing for warmth. Cold smoke. Elliot Smith in the back of a car. The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.  It’s never too late or too soon, it is what it is suppose to be.

white summer dress by Let Them Stare

flower crown by The Shop Blonde

black patten shoes by Jeffrey Campbell 


coney island lovers

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We were lost at the county fair. We did not believe in time. We liked to fold our magic wings and dip our toes in the sand. There were ghosts flying at the carnival and fortune tellers tempting the mind. We chose to ride the roller coasters in the sky in attempt to touch the stars. It came suddenly. They didn’t have to think about it, you either feel it or you don’t.  Perhaps it was all a matter of love,  the more you love someone, the stronger and stranger they become.

yacht club beach maxi dress by Wildfox 

light pink stars bathing suit by Wildfox

pink kitten frames by Wildfox

lace coverup by Nastygal

photos by JagLever


IMG_3790 war102 IMG_3793 americandrug1 americandrug2 emi1 freedfom

American Drugs. High on the feeling of just being here. We are free, and can feel it in the air. We can taste in our oceans and carry it in the salt in our hair. We are culture set on high. We are removed from the ground and wandering upon the grey clouds. Why would we do anything but wander? From the east coast, to the north-east, there are so many people you’d like to meet. They sing your song. You walk across the sand in complete meditation. There are a million books you’d like to read, but you’re not thinking of that now. You’re dreaming of wide open desert and sun-warmed cadillacs. It’s the summer heat, the ocean in your hair and the sand beneath your feet…. You’re high. 

salty hair coverup by Wildfox

sunglasses by Wildfox

shoes by Jeffrey Campbell X Human Aliens

photos by Jaglever


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My daddy raised one hell of a bitch. He said that everything that shines ain’t gold. And I don’t pray out loud like him, but I know that my God heals. Heart switches to cold. Radiate vibes off the sun, not a human being. Here comes the sun. Don’t give a fuck, simply.

cult tee by feather hearts

spam leggings by poprageous

fuck you heart tee by feather hearts

club kid platforms by Jeffrey Campbell  

pray hat by UNIF

photos by TEN 

“she burned too bright for this world”

eyesIMG_0231 copysidebob Untitled-1sideshopf1starsf-1fireloverloverpart

I’ll take care of you, if you want me to. Just two lovers in the floral beach house. Your silver soul went swimming in La Mar. You’re a vision, a complete illusion. The ethereal cosmic being marked with infinity. This phase of the moon brought us together, eternal dreamers under the sand. Lover of mine.

jewelry by regal rose 

loved tunic by Wildfox

floral trailer tank by Wildfox

flower crowns by Shop Blonde

photos by Kiara Jade

Be the Girl you loved in Retrograde

IMG_6954 IMG_6985 IMG_6993 IMG_7002 IMG_7011 IMG_7014 IMG_7026Chill out. Sip carbon on the side of the pool and wear your favorite snapback. Skeleton rings and spikes. Seeing the world 50 floors up and listening to Simple Plan. A steaming hot tub and a cannonball competition with the boys. Neon laces and 90s aesthetic. No loud clubs with bad vibes, just old fashioned hangouts with the boys on the 28th floor balcony, jumping into the pool and playing music. Sit back, throw your phone on the hotel bed and



chill out sweatshirt by Jac Vanek 

shit snapback by UNIF

plaid pants by The Editor’s Market 

white spike shoes by Jeffrey Campbell 

photos by Bliss Katherine