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Fashion week has officially started and it seems everyone brought their A game this season.  This morning I rolled up fashionably late, but still managed to make it into BCBG’s runway show. For me, the best part of the collection was the end where they brought out soft but very dark leather pieces. After that we headed across the street to a little spot for lunch where we ran into Joan Rivers, what a boss! Afterwards, I got to model the new goggle glasses and was photographed by a few well-known names like NYLON and Polyvore.

By then it was time to head into the Desigual show which was a blast! I was stoked to have a seat at the event from NJOY  and I’ll be attending a lot more shows and after parties for them, bringing you live fashion week coverage! So be sure to follow the hashtag, #njoyfw to see what I’m up to! Some of the events I’ll be at for NJOY include the Charlotte Ronson after party and Jill Stuart.

So yes, it’s going to be a crazy week here in New York City, but I’ve got my outfits ready and shoes like you’ve never seen before.


the metal bustier by UNIF

the spillz skirt by UNIF

the metal moto jacket by UNIF

the miku boot by Jeffrey Campbell 

the vapor clutch by UNIF

sinful stack rings from Miss KL 

photos by JagLever and Brandon Farrington 


jawbreaking down at the high school

IMG_4443 IMG_4454 IMG_4457 IMG_4462 IMG_4463IMG_4487 IMG_4489 IMG_4490 IMG_4491 IMG_4493IMG_4494 IMG_4497 IMG_4503 IMG_4506 IMG_4518IMG_4519 IMG_4523 IMG_4553-2 IMG_4565 IMG_4572IMG_4573 IMG_4578

Jawbreaking at the High School. High stockings and even higher heels. Short shorts, fuck the rules it’s still summer. Crop tops and varsity vibes. Team jawbreaking, check a bitch. Ball hard with your team. Look fly, feel frosty. Middle finger to the haters, now and laters. I’m back, I know you see me hoe.

I hope all my little ihateblondes are stomping their halls this week going back to school. Remember, Fuck the rules, if you like it, wear it.


crop varsity tee by jawbreaking

red leather shorts by UNIF

human alien shoes by Jeffrey Campbell 

photos by  Ashley Osborn 

the art of peer pressure

party6party4party7party2party17party13party20party21party23party24party27 party29party12party30party16party11party10party9party1partty14

Met her at this house party off Central. Told her, “Bitch, I’ve been on my vibe for like 20 years straight.” We drank from blue cups to the music of youth, being young and dumb. No I don’t remember you, I don’t intend to. When we’re on cloud nine, it’s a murderous rhythm. You’re looking around with clear blue eyes, wondering if anyone else is as awake as you. You decided to get lost in the moment of things, it’s a mindset, nothing more.

666 smile backpack by UNIF

boy wanted tank by The Orphan’s Arms

knee high boots by Jeffrey Campbell 

Vapor Moto by UNIF

Vapor Hat by UNIF

gone in the flowers


Take me away into the night. Out of the streets and into the flowers. Two hands longing for warmth. Cold smoke. Elliot Smith in the back of a car. The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.  It’s never too late or too soon, it is what it is suppose to be.

white summer dress by Let Them Stare

flower crown by The Shop Blonde

black patten shoes by Jeffrey Campbell 




Don’t skate. Don’t care. Ride off into sunset with your fist raised. This is summer skate. Allow yourself the freedom to be strange. Keep the ability to see the wild in life. You’re young, so act your age.

vapor hat by UNIF

bundy jumper by UNIF 

vapor moto jacket by UNIF 

crystal clear frames by celeb shades

the siren shoe in silver metallic by Jeffrey Campbell exclusively for Miss KL 

photos by Y.O! Photo

she’s living in a wasteland


 I’ve lost it all, I’m just a shadow. My eyes are damp and my legs are weak. I’ve been walking in this wasteland, and you’ve caused it. You’ve managed to build a world without love so I’m running away from it. I can’t stand to be in such a place. The skies are grey here and the trees hang so low they’re basically dead. It rains all the time, and not in that romantic way. It rains in the way that makes you feel so desperately alone.

I’ll build a new Paris. I’ll cover it in red velvet and hang diamonds from the ceilings that reflect upon our porcelain skin. We will cultivate our minds and bodies here as faithfully as we can. Whatever we try to do in this life, we will try with all of our hearts to do so fearlessly.

greaser dress by Love and Lemons

silver booties by Jeffrey Campbell for Shop Wasteland

black kitten frames by Wildfox

black garter dress by UNIF

metallic platform sandel by Giuseppe

photos by  Y.O! Photo 

wow, aliens can get sexual too

alien2 alien3 alien4 alien5 alien6 alien7alien1blackballon2 IMG_6196 IMG_6356 tomford1 moto1 tomford2tomford333

Wow, aliens can get sexual too. And you can call your momma right now and tell her you met an alien. The lower east side bungalow. Girls call your crib, I’m answering the phone. I am the baddest chic. This is the jump off. I run down your street blaring my music in a crop top, drinking sprite in neon platforms. Brunette barbie dressed like extraterrestrial-being leading the mob. Our presence is felt, believe me sweetie. All different flavors. Ain’t born typical. Who says aliens can’t survive on ice cream?

Santa Barbra Lenon Sweater by Wildfox Couture

pink neon alien shoes by Human Aliens for Jeffrey Campbell

kitti sunglasses by Quay Eyeware Australia 

pink crystal ball ring by Prophecy Rings

photos by Tessa Swag