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Yesterday, I stopped by the H&M showroom in Soho. I was able to try on and play around in some of their new pieces from the Paris Collection. It’s absolutely divine, featuring furs, metals, metallics and leather.  You could probably guess that my favorite piece was the studded brown leather shorts. How golden are they? I’m so excited to wear them with the fur jackets I pulled from the collection, metallics and fur seem to be good together for this fall.

Anyways, make sure to check out H&M’s new Paris collection, there’s probably one or two pieces you could need to pull looks together for Fall. I can’t wait for it to start getting a little colder.


stud brown leather shorts by H&M 

Paris button up top by H&M

white shag crop jacket by H&M

metallic platforms by Giuseppe 

photography by Jag Lever


jawbreaking down at the high school

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Jawbreaking at the High School. High stockings and even higher heels. Short shorts, fuck the rules it’s still summer. Crop tops and varsity vibes. Team jawbreaking, check a bitch. Ball hard with your team. Look fly, feel frosty. Middle finger to the haters, now and laters. I’m back, I know you see me hoe.

I hope all my little ihateblondes are stomping their halls this week going back to school. Remember, Fuck the rules, if you like it, wear it.


crop varsity tee by jawbreaking

red leather shorts by UNIF

human alien shoes by Jeffrey Campbell 

photos by  Ashley Osborn 

paradise circus

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Paradise circus. Look at the girl with flames for eyes. The uneventful evening turned adventurous when we happened up the dark carnival. Riding on the possessed horses and trespassing into the fun house. Brooklyn may be sleeping but the carnival is alive in the hearts of the freaks. It walks wildly in the night, you can hear the water moving in the dunk tank. The clowns are fixing themselves for the next day. We run through the streets of the circus like we own it, like we’re the main event. Our eyes are on fire with the spooky summer sundown.

white crop top by nastygal

leather shorts by UNIF

the chi boot in black punched leather and smoke by Jeffrey Campbell

the 6 eyes backpack by UNIF

granny sunglasses by Wildfox

photos by Tessa Swag


summerstyle1. Karen Walker Never Say Never Frames. These shiny plastic oversized sunnies are covered with skulls, peace signs, flowers, vines and arrows. Obviously, you need.

2. UNIF Goner platform. These are a summer ESSENTIAL. Not only do these super badass shoes read babe who would be skateboarding but totally not in the mood today, but they totally look hot with both leather shorts and leather pants. Yet, the most perfect thing about them though is that you’ll look just as thin in them as you do in your hellbounds (trust), but your toes are out so they’re actually summer-relevant.

3. Giuseppe Metallic Platforms. Do I even have to explain? These just say who the fuck do you think you’re fucking with. Thick platform and wide block heel. I plan on wearing these to Starbucks and my ex-boyfriend’s summer wedding.

4.  Wildfox Granny Sunglasses. I love these, probably because I love looking like a bug. They’re perfect for avoiding getting hit on by losers (boys don’t hit on bugs), but still looking thin and chic as hell. I have them in both colors. I can’t stop wearing them.