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Somehow I made it to the 6th day of fashion week, amen! (Insert praise emoji here.)  The day started out with heading to the H&M showroom with Lookbook. It was fun to play dress up with Sunny and Rachel-Marie in furs and leathers. Then Rachel and I decided to snap some photos while we were in Soho for our looks that day. After a quick juice and fruit break, I had to shoot for H&M and then get ready to head out to Style 369’s after party at the Sanctuary Hotel in Times Square. I didn’t stay for too long because I had to head back down to Soho to meet with friends for a birthday. I had an amazing Kombucha cocktail made with champagne at this old fashion speakeasy we celebrated at.

I really love this Joyrich dress Kiley Kouture send me specifically for Fashion Week. It’s from Joyrich’s newest collection and I love the fit of it. I’m a tiny bug so its hard for me to look good in dresses because I never really fill them out, but this one is super fun and youthful. I paired it with the Jeffrey Campbell’s I wore the first day of fashion week, although I did think about wearing bright pink shoes. Black and white vibes.


Joyrich Print dress from Kiley Kouture 

the miku boot in black and white combo from Miss KL 

pink kitten frames by Wildfox

black leather handbag by Topshop

photos by JagLever



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New York Fashion Week day 3 and we’re still alive and running. First show of the day was Herve Leger, which was chic as hell. Black and white, especially white, is everything right now. Cut outs so fly, Herve was on his A game this season. I was feeling over it, so I threw on the new UNIF yokel shortalls and metal bustier. I hid my big sleepy eyes behind some alien wildfox shades and was feeling as dark as I was looking.

Despite my tired state, I headed to the Lookbook Refresh party after leaving the Lincoln Center. I decided it was time for my first drink of fashion week. Of course, like all good evenings that start with free champagne and manicures, it ends up back in Brooklyn on the floor with a cigarette, playing around on the streets. My home girls Shooka and Eugenie were in town so you know we had to turn up.

I’ll try to keep you guys as updated as possible, but it’s hard to post and make it to every event as well. I just got back from the H&M showroom and about to shoot a little campaign for their new Paris Fall Collection, then it’s off to the Style.com party! Fashion week doesn’t stop, and neither do I (apparently..)


yokel shortalls by UNIF

metal busiter by UNIF

black kitten frames by Wildfox

wish somebody would of seen us, babe


Wish somebody would of seen us, babe. When it’s just us two, there is nothing they can say or do. And everybody else don’t mean a thing. New York Fashion Week, check- in time. Hotels flooded with lovers, haters and the in-betweens who are too weak to choose a side. We roll up in a cloud of smoke, crash on the 16th floor. We take the nights as they come at us, and make the best of it. Cinnamon lips, bodies like water falling down a hill, full speed ahead in one direction. It is worth every scar and every sleepless night.  If you didn’t risk the fall, you have loved no one but yourself.

kitten sunglasses by Wildfox

beach maxi dress by Wildfox

crop top by Topshop

bell bottoms by Edge of Urge 

photos by Samantha Rex 

FASHION WEEK: A Global Reflection

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Now that New York Fashion Week is finally over, we can take some time to reflect. Those of you that were there, know this, but for those of you keeping updated from behind the safety of your screens, WE EXPERIENCED A BLIZZARD!

And it wasn’t just some general snow storm, it was actually record breaking! A lot of the news stories I watched from my hotel room, as the snow pilled upon Manhattan, focused on the victims who were still not back together after Sandy, and now, here comes snowstorm Nemo!

As a Science Writer, I can’t ignore this. Hopefully it will make you stop and think for a second, “Two record breaking storms unlike any other the East Coast has experienced in such a small lapse of time?” “Hmmm….”

As we begin to experience more and more of this “unusual” weather patterning, we must come to begin to accept the idea of climate change.

In a country so strongly rooted in religion and politics, it is hard to get a scientific and natural issue at the forefront of concerns. Members of Bush’s administration have been know to rewrite scientific documents and climate change statements made by experts. They do this to fit their political agenda, and it’s actually, very morally wrong. We’re living in a country where just under a century ago, people thought it was a sin to perform heart surgery because it was “God’s will” to have them die.

How silly does that seem to us now? If we have a problem, that we can fix with science, we must do our best to fix it! There really isn’t any point denying climate change, unless you’re a politician or heavily religious, etc. The CO2 getting trapped in our atmosphere isn’t “God’s Will,” and it’s certainly very silly to dismiss it off as such.

And, as Andrew Revkin, New York Times blogger, points out, we are also a country heavily rooted in appearance. That means that we’re quick to dismiss this “climate change thing” as a granola, tree-hugging, recycling-people type cause. We say “oh that’s not my problem, i’m not really earthy,” or “i’m not really into science.” This isn’t just science and this isn’t just earth. As Revkin says, this is the story of our time. This is our planet, and it’s changing.  Sadly, our egos are one of our main challenges when it comes to combating climate change.

Revkin also points out that we find information to fit our beliefs. This means that if we want to believe the climate isn’t changing, we can find lectures and articles and videos that say so. “More knowledge doesn’t necessarily make things better,” he says. We have different reactions to risk. We have access to information to accompany the things we want to believe to be true.

My point is this, I’m not trying to scare you, or lecture you, but  climate change is a very, very real thing. It’s happening. And the sooner we can accept that reality, the sooner we can do something about it.


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New York Fashion Week, day one. This is probably going to be one of the craziest and best weeks of life. It’s already been so good! I spent last night bringing fashion week in the right way at the Dolce Vita showroom with my mama Rachel-Marie and Lookbook. The theme was Vegas in the 1920’s and I sported this look. Probably a little street for such an event, but once the clock hit midnight at the DJ pulled out the Kendrick Lamar, I was the only one on the vibe.

Today I’ve been rocking some Jeremy Scott & trying to give you guys a quick update before dinner events tonight. I’m going to do my best to keep everything updated, but if I fall behind, forgive me. You can keep updated by the minute with my instagram, @ihateblonde. 

Stay hood.

red fur jacket by UNIF 

shit snapback by UNIF

leopard tights by Nastygal 

the damsel shoe by Jeffrey Campbell

photos by Rachel Marie