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I could do it all the time. Show you what I’m about all of the time. But I never will. “You see, it’s the one thing they can’t do,” he said, as I attempted to squeeze shoe after shoe into my bag for fashion week. “They can make you say anything — anything, but they can’t get inside you. They can’t make you believe it.”

You are the things you believe in. If you remain faithful, you will see that faithfulness revealed in your life. The ticking clock may tell you to act impulisvely, but it can’t make you. Willpower and magic are the same thing to me. It is so simple, but it is so true: “That which we manifest is before us; we are the creators of our own destiny. Be it through intention or ignorance, our success and our failures have been brought on by none other than ourselves.” Shapes float and anything is possible. I chose to be aware of everything that is before me these next few “fashion weeks” and I chose to make magic out of them.

much love & light, stay awake


wolf tee by Eleven Paris

roll a joint leggings by Poprageous

terry richardson sunglasses by Zero UV

photos by Alina Tsvor




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Launch of the Levi’s Revel


I’m stoked to be a part of today’s launch for the new Levi’s revel denim.  They’ve designed a new jean that has an amazing liquid feel to them. They’re super flattering and keep their shape. And for someone who just throws her clothes everywhere/random bags/sleepovers etc, it’s nice to have a pair of jeans that don’t get all wrinkly. I’m wearing the pressed dark wash. Check the link in my outfit info and try them on for yourself.


revel jeans by Levi’s

tank by All Saints 

hat by American Apparel 

sunglasses by Zero UV

photos by Yuya Ohasi

set by product of mars

makeup by Dana Riordan

breaking burritos

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Her pistol go, cause she a fashion killa’. Waking up to A$AP Rocky and Balenciaga. Jeremy Scott frames and thousand dollar platforms. Nothing is ever “ready to wear.” Egyptian funk. Spikes and glitter. Get throwed right. She’s just a little brooklyn girl getting ready for fashion week.

breaking bad leggings by Poprageous

Burrito Crop top by Danielle Guizio

platforms by UNIF

sunglasses by Zero UV

photos by Alina Tsvor 

the haunted circus

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My heart is big, my blood is slow. We took deep breaths at the circus. We watched time pass as we spun in circles like ring masters. Dressed to kill, venom lips and dark secrets. Glowing threats, push my heart against the window and watch it burn. Welcome to the Haunted Circus, we’re all going down.

the haunted circus

set design: Jacquelin Stanford
make-up: Lisa Heitman
photo: John Sedivy

if you’re ever on the wrong side of this town

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If you’re ever on the wrong side of this town, there’s a place that I know of that will hold you down. “You always look so cool,” he said. “Like no matter what happens, it’s got nothing to do with you, but you’re not really like that. In your own way, you’re out there fighting as hard as you can, even if other people can’t tell by looking at you.” Life goes on, get over it. You’re still young, it gets better. Don’t be afraid of the person you have become.

cheap date crop top by Wear Declared

thigh-high boots by Jeffrey Campbell 

666 eyes backpack by UNIF 

leather zip shorts by UNIF 

clear sunglasses by Quay Eyewear

photos by Noelle Downing 

coney island lovers

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We were lost at the county fair. We did not believe in time. We liked to fold our magic wings and dip our toes in the sand. There were ghosts flying at the carnival and fortune tellers tempting the mind. We chose to ride the roller coasters in the sky in attempt to touch the stars. It came suddenly. They didn’t have to think about it, you either feel it or you don’t.  Perhaps it was all a matter of love,  the more you love someone, the stronger and stranger they become.

yacht club beach maxi dress by Wildfox 

light pink stars bathing suit by Wildfox

pink kitten frames by Wildfox

lace coverup by Nastygal

photos by JagLever