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When I heard NastyGal was having a fashion week party, I was down. When I heard the party was in Brooklyn, I was even more down… I’m into not having to travel far. My girl Shooka has just landed and booked in a cab over to my place, where all I did to get ready was put my glitter platforms back on. It had been a long day of shows at Lincoln, but I was ready to have a little alien fun.
I got to have drinks and dance with my favorite bloggers: JagLever, Worn Out, Feral Creature, Lust for Life and Snakes Nest.
Stop asking, keep dancing. It was really nice to finally hang with Fereal Creature in real life, Shooka and I felt like we had known her since birth (which equaled a week long streak of fashion mischief.) We hung outside for way too long/maybe spent half the party there… but since I rocked fashion week with Njoy, I had to show off all my new fancy e-cigs, #chic. Aliens with e-cigs is a new concept, but I’m like sort of into it.
It’s extra #chic because Njoy got me access to exclusive events like the Desigual runway show, the Charlotte Ronson show , the Style 369 after party, as well as The Cut’s official after party, where I showed up looking like an alien. I’d apologize for it, but I don’t think I have too.. It’s New York after all, where we do whatever the fuck we want.
ecigs by Njoy
rainbow lakehouse tee by Wildfox
pink kitten frames by Wildfox
glitter platforms by Demoina


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I could do it all the time. Show you what I’m about all of the time. But I never will. “You see, it’s the one thing they can’t do,” he said, as I attempted to squeeze shoe after shoe into my bag for fashion week. “They can make you say anything — anything, but they can’t get inside you. They can’t make you believe it.”

You are the things you believe in. If you remain faithful, you will see that faithfulness revealed in your life. The ticking clock may tell you to act impulisvely, but it can’t make you. Willpower and magic are the same thing to me. It is so simple, but it is so true: “That which we manifest is before us; we are the creators of our own destiny. Be it through intention or ignorance, our success and our failures have been brought on by none other than ourselves.” Shapes float and anything is possible. I chose to be aware of everything that is before me these next few “fashion weeks” and I chose to make magic out of them.

much love & light, stay awake


wolf tee by Eleven Paris

roll a joint leggings by Poprageous

terry richardson sunglasses by Zero UV

photos by Alina Tsvor

the spiteful eye


The spiteful eye. Late night wanders, redeye flights. Blonde passports. Illuminati boys and girls. One gold tooth and eight gold rings like I’m shababa. Tiny girl but my legs long. Me and my crew just actin bad, hop out and swarm on em. We going in, so you know the world pissed off.

eye sweatshirt by LONG Clothing

eye beanie by LONG Clothing

photos by The Worn Out 


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It’s a monday, aka it’s a beautiful day to leave me alone. Pizza is the flavor of the week. I don’t judge you for the weed smoke. You don’t judge me for the platforms. Who’s party is this? Who’s home is this? How’d I get here? The music’s too loud to hear a fire alarm, and I’m gonna set a fire if you don’t change the song. Now light another cigarette off the stove. These people need to lay off the sauce. I’m on my cloud, 6 inches up and staying there. Soda pop lunchables. I skate away cause I can’t hang with these kids. I’ve got a bag with a camera and paint. Arrived, made the rounds and did my thing. Now let the magic resume bitch.

wanna get high crop top by Jac Vanek

live on flowers and coffee crop top by Jac Vanek 

pizza boyfriend tee by Jac Vanek

it’s a beautiful day jacket by Jac Vanek 

photos by the Worn Out 

breaking burritos

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Her pistol go, cause she a fashion killa’. Waking up to A$AP Rocky and Balenciaga. Jeremy Scott frames and thousand dollar platforms. Nothing is ever “ready to wear.” Egyptian funk. Spikes and glitter. Get throwed right. She’s just a little brooklyn girl getting ready for fashion week.

breaking bad leggings by Poprageous

Burrito Crop top by Danielle Guizio

platforms by UNIF

sunglasses by Zero UV

photos by Alina Tsvor 


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My boo. I don’t about y’all, but I know about us. Girls like you remind that I’m lonely. Nobody to share a strawberry milkshake with, sweet summer skin, pale blue  eyes and a penchant for adventure. We can just ride around, hit the McDonalds drive-through, coast the highway in cozy tees and larger than life sunglasses. Cherry on top and pastel lips. Your heart beats on empty without sugar.

Pink Liquid Logo tee by High Heels Suicide

Suicide Beanie by High Heels Suicide

The Rockstar tank by High Heels Suicide

The Macabre tank by High Heels Suicide

The Killer Sweater by High Heels Suicide


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Clueless. Like totally, for sure. Pink roses sleepover. A Barbie girl in a Barbie world. Pink strawberry champagne, rainbow fur cuddles and heels higher than a palm tree. Gossip, movies, and the Spice Girls jamz all night long. Counting star and being Mallrats. All things 90s. Drug-store makeup and the energy of a teenage boy. Make a bed on the floor, throw flowers everywhere and prank call your crush. Glitter face, Lis Frank earrings and sailor moon swag. As If. Be the girl they love to hate. x x

Mint Chip Totally for Sure Classic Vneck from Kiley Kouture

light pink human aliens from Miss KL 

barbie shoe bracelet by Danielle Christine