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New York Fashion Week day 3 and we’re still alive and running. First show of the day was Herve Leger, which was chic as hell. Black and white, especially white, is everything right now. Cut outs so fly, Herve was on his A game this season. I was feeling over it, so I threw on the new UNIF yokel shortalls and metal bustier. I hid my big sleepy eyes behind some alien wildfox shades and was feeling as dark as I was looking.

Despite my tired state, I headed to the Lookbook Refresh party after leaving the Lincoln Center. I decided it was time for my first drink of fashion week. Of course, like all good evenings that start with free champagne and manicures, it ends up back in Brooklyn on the floor with a cigarette, playing around on the streets. My home girls Shooka and Eugenie were in town so you know we had to turn up.

I’ll try to keep you guys as updated as possible, but it’s hard to post and make it to every event as well. I just got back from the H&M showroom and about to shoot a little campaign for their new Paris Fall Collection, then it’s off to the Style.com party! Fashion week doesn’t stop, and neither do I (apparently..)


yokel shortalls by UNIF

metal busiter by UNIF

black kitten frames by Wildfox




Fashion week has officially started and it seems everyone brought their A game this season.  This morning I rolled up fashionably late, but still managed to make it into BCBG’s runway show. For me, the best part of the collection was the end where they brought out soft but very dark leather pieces. After that we headed across the street to a little spot for lunch where we ran into Joan Rivers, what a boss! Afterwards, I got to model the new goggle glasses and was photographed by a few well-known names like NYLON and Polyvore.

By then it was time to head into the Desigual show which was a blast! I was stoked to have a seat at the event from NJOY  and I’ll be attending a lot more shows and after parties for them, bringing you live fashion week coverage! So be sure to follow the hashtag, #njoyfw to see what I’m up to! Some of the events I’ll be at for NJOY include the Charlotte Ronson after party and Jill Stuart.

So yes, it’s going to be a crazy week here in New York City, but I’ve got my outfits ready and shoes like you’ve never seen before.


the metal bustier by UNIF

the spillz skirt by UNIF

the metal moto jacket by UNIF

the miku boot by Jeffrey Campbell 

the vapor clutch by UNIF

sinful stack rings from Miss KL 

photos by JagLever and Brandon Farrington 

the art of peer pressure

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Met her at this house party off Central. Told her, “Bitch, I’ve been on my vibe for like 20 years straight.” We drank from blue cups to the music of youth, being young and dumb. No I don’t remember you, I don’t intend to. When we’re on cloud nine, it’s a murderous rhythm. You’re looking around with clear blue eyes, wondering if anyone else is as awake as you. You decided to get lost in the moment of things, it’s a mindset, nothing more.

666 smile backpack by UNIF

boy wanted tank by The Orphan’s Arms

knee high boots by Jeffrey Campbell 

Vapor Moto by UNIF

Vapor Hat by UNIF

that brooklyn bullish*t, we on it

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That Brooklyn bullish*t, we on it. Flashy ways. The planet known as Brooklyn. Alien girls in machine boots wildin’ out on the sidewalk. Come through. It’s real love here, felt by anyone who really comes here. Bushwick summer, williamsburg field trips. Stomping grounds.  No place makes me hustle harder. 9 to 5, for as long as I’m alive, I’ve got to strive. Flossy cats.

smile backpack by UNIF 

dress from velvet fawn  

boots by Demoina

sugar high from hell

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Catch me getting into trouble like it’s my job. I drop bombs, I spit on cop cars and bump Atmosphere. Bring em’ in, kick em’ out. We ain’t speaking bitch. I don’t know em’, I don’t need ’em. Bassnectar’s making the sounds of the rainforest as I run around. She’s such a little DJ. Sugar high from hell. Just quit fucking with me and I’ll gladly quit fucking with you.

vapor hat by UNIF 

black kitten frames by Wildfox

goner platform by UNIF 

bundy jumper by UNIF 

photos by Worn Out 



Don’t skate. Don’t care. Ride off into sunset with your fist raised. This is summer skate. Allow yourself the freedom to be strange. Keep the ability to see the wild in life. You’re young, so act your age.

vapor hat by UNIF

bundy jumper by UNIF 

vapor moto jacket by UNIF 

crystal clear frames by celeb shades

the siren shoe in silver metallic by Jeffrey Campbell exclusively for Miss KL 

photos by Y.O! Photo

fuck with aliens, you know we got it

smile1 smile2 smile3smile4 smile5 smile6smile7 smile8smile9 smile10smile12 smile14 smile15 smile17smile18 smile20

Landing on planet Brooklyn, there’s new rules in effect. If Barbie was an alien, she’d be yours truly, tucked away in her castle watching horror movies. I’m on top of a roof in Williamsburg, screaming, “get the fuck up out my way bitch.” Hip-hop is my home, I have my shoes off. And if the Moon is the farthest that man’s willing to go, then i’m gonna one up him. Hello Mars. And I don’t know what I’m running from, but I’m running still. I tell them all what they’re missing as I watch it unfold. Dancing up in the clouds, then landing back in my bedroom looking in the mirror like, “How’d I get this red dot on my head?”

the vegan leather bustier dress by Miss KL

the 6 eyes backpack by UNIF  

the halfmoon magic sunglasses in black by Le Specs

the eyesee choker by UNIF

the goner shoe in black by UNIF

photos by Tessa Swag